On the TENTH Day of Xmas....


Group 1: Laura's gift to group one was this really cool tag book filled with vintage photos and sentiments. It's so much fun to just keep flipping through it!

Group 2: Dawn's gift was fashioned out of recycled materials-a Starbuck's coffee sleeve, fabric from her scrap pile and images from an old calendar. What a lovely star ornie!
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Laura what alot of work you did! This was a great idea and I will treasure mine! THANK YOU!!

Dawn, I love your star-it's so beautiful and I am impressed with your use of recycled materials!
  At 8:40 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
WOW oh WOW I could not believe my eyes when I opened the book it is truly delightful. Thank you so much for the lovely keepsake!

My Best-
Wow Dawn I love the little angel ornie!!! It has a spot on my tree and love the little image and the lace!! thanks so much!!! Hugs Linda
  At 9:03 PM Blogger Crystal said:
Laura I have to say I thought the same thing as I held the beautiful tag book in my hand this morning "Wow-what a lot of work she did!" I feel honored to have been the recipiant of this little friendship gem!
I have it laying on my old white shabby chic vanity in my bedroom and it just looks perfect there!
Laura, your tag book is just incredible. The colors are so happy and fun... just as the best of friendships are. You put so much effort and heart into this book. It is a delight to hold and flip through. I treasure it and my newfound friendship with you and all the rest of our swappers. Thank you, Shari
  At 2:25 AM Blogger liz said:
thank you SO much for my gorgeous tag book. i LOVE the bright cheery colors and the sentiment behind it. it has been wonderful to make SO many new friends thru' this swap and your book will always remind me of that!!

i LOVE your ornament dawn--so sparkly!! it's beautiful
liz xxx
  At 8:28 AM Blogger Deb said:
Wow, Laura! This tag book is just gorgeous! What a lot of work went into these... thank you sooo much!! Deb