Seeing Spots!

Laura Duet puts a fresh spin on Xmas with the adorable package. Group 1 can look forward to seeing what's inside on Day 10. Can't wait!
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What a Card!

Isn't this a clever use of a vintage playing card? On Day 9 of Xmas, Group 1 will get to see what's beneath the paper! Crystal Neubauer created this simple and yet *so* pretty presentation of her gift.
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More Presents!

The goodies just keep on coming! This beautiful package is the work of Linda Koch. Those in Group 2 will be tearing into them on the 6th Day of Xmas!
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From All Points of the Globe


This really is an international exchange. These gifts wrapped in a gorgeous red are travelling from New Zealand! Caren McNee's creations will be enjoyed by Group 2 on the 3rd day of Xmas! Love those little suns!
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Oh So Pretty!

When I saw these, my first thought was "Victorian Christmas". Aren't they beautiful? Debra Cooper is the artist behind these lovely packages for day 9 for Group 2. *sigh* So lovely....
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Lucky 13!

From the looks of things, Maija Lepore has been busy in her workshop! I know you are probably wondering why there is a number 13 in the 12 days of Xmas. Well, to fit everyone in, we had to create a number 13 for one group. Each person in Group 1 will open Maija's gifts on the day when their own gift is being open so that there won't be a day without gifts for each of us! Come to think of it, we should have done that for both groups, but it's too late now! I will file that for next time!
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Small Wonders From Downunder!

Look at these cool gifts! Don't you just love the tags? These are for day 5 of Xmas for Group 2. They were created by Fiona Mortimore from Australia.
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Xmas with a Twist!

WOW! Look at these goodies! I love Ruth O'Connor's new twist on traditional green! Folks in group 2 have the pleasure of watching for these in their mailbox and can open them on Day 12 of Xmas! No peeking!
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Twinkle, Twinkle!

Now if this isn't magical, I don't know what is! Dawn Supina dug out her twinkly lights just to make this photo of her gifts for Day 10 of Xmas for Group 2 extra special!
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Homespun for the Holidays

I don't know if those are cookies attached to the tag, but they sure look good enough to eat! LOL! These are Jennifer Rowland's gifts for Group 2 on their 1st day of Xmas.
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Coming from Canada!

Wonder what's in this one?? Well you will have to wait until day 12!! This is my (Lelainia's) gift for Group 1. I love using blue at Christmas. I stamped little snowflakes on the wrapping just for fun!
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More 7's!

Another number 7, but this one is for Group 1! Wrapped in Penelope Harris' favourite colour combination of blue and gold, these gifts come from the west coast of Canada!
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More Goodies!!

Lovely number 7 for Group 2 is making it's way from Erika Tysse's house in Norway! Red and gold-how pretty!
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Oh My Stars!

What do the English posties have in their bags today? Why these celestial treats from Liz Smith for Day 8 of Xmas for Group 1! Heavenly!
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On day 11 of Xmas, Group 2 will have the pleasure of opening these gifts, made with love by Deryn Mentock! Hmm...long and skinny....wonder what's in them?!?
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Crossing the Pond

These beauties are making the trip all the way from Denmark to be opened by Group 2 on the 8th day of Xmas!! They were created by Hanne Matthiesen and I know they ladies can't wait to get them!
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OOOH Shiney!!

Here is a basket of happiness for the holidays for Group 1. We will be opening Edina Tien's goodies on day 3 of the 12 days of Xmas!

Great job Edina!
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Angels Abound!

OOOO! Look at these packages with paper angels on them! These heavenly creations are the work of Katie Kendrick for Group 1's 6th day of Xmas!
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Red & White Splendor

Lovingly wrapped in giftwrap reminscent of vintage anaglypta, these beauties are the work of Kelly Snelling and will be enjoyed by Group 1 on the 11th day of Xmas.

Not only are the gifts beautiful, but the ladies are outdoing themselves with their photography! *happy sigh*
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Number Five is on the Wing!

Kristen Robinson is making her way to the post office to mail off these beautiful parcels for Group 1's 5th day of Xmas!

These remind me of that song My Favourite Things:
"Bright paper packages tied up with string!"

These are definitely one of our favourite things!
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More Group 2 Goodies!

A whole bowl full of giftie goodness! These are Trudy Mclauchlan's offerings for Day 4 for Group 2.

Aren't you jut dying to know what's in them? I sure am!!
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Stars from the Heavens

Glimmery, shimmery goodness! This gorgeous goodie is Cece Grimes' handiwork. Look at those stars! How pretty! Cece kicks off the mailing for with her gift for day 2 for those lucky folks in group 2.

Isn't this exciting?!?!
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Goodies from Deb

Look at these sweet packages all carefully wrapped in mulberry paper! They are headed to members of group 1, to be enjoyed on day 4 from Deb Lewis. It's going to be a crying shame to open these...almost!
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The Magic Begins!

The first to mail out her gifts is Shari Beaubien. She must have had elves working overtime to get her gifts made and mailed so quickly!

Shari is in Group 1 and she is in charge of the magic for day 1 of the 12 Days of Xmas. *rattles the wee box* Hmmm...what could that be....

To learn more about the artists participating, click any of the links on the sidebar.
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