Lucky #13...

...and finally, Lelainia Lloyd's gift, which was the one that was opened by the ladies when everyone else was opening their gift.

Lelainia sent a package of inspiration. It included a 12 Days of Xmas mixed CD to get everyone into the holiday spirit, a secret holiday recipe, to munch on in the studio while working and a special package of ephemera included to start the new year off right.

Lelainia made each of the ladies a hand painted wishing star ornie to hang on their trees or in their studio to bring them luck and inspiration for the new year, each one bearing the first initial of each participants' name.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Ruth O'Connor for providing the photos of our gifts each day. Ruth, you did a fantastic job and it was *so* appreciated.

Also thanks to Lisa Ryder for filling in in a pinch one day.



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On the Twelfth Day of Xmas...


...Debra Cooper sent us brightly coloured bird ornies made from batik fabrics. The birds were sewn and stuff and Debra crochet a hanging loop which is attached to the top.

On the bottom of the bird, she's attached a wild assortment of fibres with bits and bobs made from wood, glass, stone and metals danging from the fibres. It reminds me of things a crow would steal and hide in its nest. Very cool!

One more gift tomorrow, lucky #13!

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor.


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On the Eleventh Day of Xmas...


...Liz Smith gifted us with these folky bird ornies, made from homespun fabrics. She added a length of tea-dyed twill tape for hanging. I love how they are so soft and old-timey looking.

Join us tomorrow for day 12!

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor


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On the Tenth Day of Xmas...


...Barbara Atwell sent us a trio of incredibly unique ornies. Barbara used vintage images of children, printed on thick paper.
She cut them out and sewed them to a backing piece of paper, leaving enough room to stuff them and then added a small thread at the top with a star to hang them by. Beautiful!

Two days and three gifts left-don't miss them!

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor.


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On the Ninth Day Of Xmas...


...Lisa Ryder created these wonderful collages using bits and pieces of her collected ephemera and a circle punch. The result was wonderfully modern style graphics, with clean lines. Sometimes there is such beauty in simplicity. Each collage is a one of a kind.

Lisa also gifted us with a set of 12 of her Artist Trading Cards. Each one a delightful mini piece of art. Now the question is how we will display them...I am thinking they would look really nice matted and framed.

See you tomorrow for day 10!

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor


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On the Eighth Day of Xmas...


...Fiona Mortimore made us wonderful linen stitched ornies. They remind me of Swedish style needlework. The print is on tea-dyed linen and then Fiona did a running stitch outline on each and stuffed them.

She also made each of us a lovely bookmark from gorgeous Amy Butler fabrics and complimentary fibres. So pretty!

Join us tomorrow for day 9!

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor.


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On the Seventh Day of Xmas...

...Dawn Supina altered men's ties to create these little pouches and embellished them with beaded trim.

What was inside???

Little cards of encouragement! There was one giving each artist the permission to play, to dabble in whatever artistic pursuit she sees fit and to enjoy the process. There was another granting permission to make mistakes, either real or perceived and not dwell on it, but rather to enjoy the art process. There were also some award cards, for an added ego boost.

This is a great bundle of encouragement and I bet each of us will come to a place in the next year when we will need it and it will be right there, waiting for us. What a creative and unique gift!

See you tomorrow for day 8!

*Photos courtesy of Lisa Ryder


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On the Sixth Day of Xmas...


...Ruth O'Connor crocheted the most exquisite lace cuff bracelets. As you can see, she made a variety of colour ways. Mine is dyed a gentle aqua blue and has deep red beads sewn around the perimeter of the focal point. The design is a flower with 10 petals and in the center of the flower is a red mother of pearl button. (I never knew there was such a thing!)

The cuff fastens with another button and somehow Ruth guessed the exact right size. It feels so soft and comfortable on. This is absolutely lovely.

We're at the half-way point and everyone is feeling incredibly spoiled! Check back tomorrow for gift #7.
Photo Courtesy of Ruth O'Connor


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On the Fifth day of Xmas...


...Arlene Travnik created these lovely multi-layered fabric wallets for each of us. Each layer is just delicious. There is hand tatted lace, snippets of paper, old postage stamps, buttons, charms a vintage images all of captured beneath a thin gauzy layer of fabric.

Inside, are 4 pockets the perfect size for credit cards and then the long pocket for paper money. Each wallet is slightly different, all of them are beautiful and intricate. Every time you turn it over, you see some new detail you didn't notice before. Amazing!

On to day 6 tomorrow! Come see what treasure is revealed.

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor


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On the Fourth Day of Xmas...


...Jeannine Peragrine sent out a whole neighbourhood of beautifully handcrafted houses. Each one is lovingly textured, hand painted and embellished according to each artist's favourite things.

The house shown here was gifted to Ruth. It's a lovely burgundy and was embellished with scrabble tiles, rub-on curly cues and a bingo chip.

Mine (Lelainia's) is vintage aqua, to match the colour of my studio and reads "In each new day before me some new beauty lies." Isn't that just precious? My house is embellished with a rusted skeleton key, an old wooden spool and a bingo chip and has an interesting texture to it.
These will be treasured!

Stop by tomorrow for more fun on day 5!
*Photos thanks to Ruth O'Connor


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On the Third Day of Xmas....


....Amy Huff gifted everyone with these playful game pendants. Each game piece has a soldered frame skillfully created around it. One piece is a vintage domino (almost looks like ivory!) and the second is a vintage letter tile. Amy made each letter tile the first letter of each person's name. The game pieces are strung on a length of sliver ball chain.
What a fun piece of jewellery! Come by again to see what's unwrapped on Day 4!

*Photos courtesy of Ruth O'Connor


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On the Second Day of Xmas...


...Penelope Harris gifted everyone with precious and wee alchemy books. The cover is made from salvaged upholstery swatches and decorated with fabric tacks. The spine is tied with gold cording.

Inside are gold pocket pages with a set of 18 alchemy cards, each one a delightful piece of art in itself. I am sure each of us is busy pouring over the interesting details of each and every card.
Very cool indeed!

Drop by tomorrow for gift #3!

*Photos courtesy of Ruth O'Connor.


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On the First Day of Xmas...

Photo by Ruth O'Connor

...Kathy Strittmater gave everyone these wonderful pendants created from an empty shell casing. The casing is wrapped with a scrap of ephemera and silver curly cues. It reminds me of an ancient scroll.

You would never guess that this pendant is made from a shell casing unless you were to have a close look at it. It's impressive how Kathy can look at something like this and see the potential for something beautiful to come of it. Amazing!

Stop by again tomorrow to see more gifts!


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Day Thirteen

And last but not least, the 13th gift. Yes, we know there are only 12 days of Xmas, but this will be the gift each person opens on the day everyone else is opening theirs. This way they will have surprise gift to enjoy too. Magic #13 comes from me, Lelainia Lloyd, from my little corner of the world, British Columbia, Canada.


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Day Twelve

Swathed in fabric, this present comes from Texas, handmade by Debra Cooper. Can't wait to untie the ribon and see what's inside!


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Day Eleven

These goodies were just waiting to go out the door at Liz Smith's house. Mailed from England, with love.


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Day Ten

Brown paper packages all sewn up mean no one can peek at Barbara Atwell's gift! Genius wrapping from the gal from Michigan!


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Day Nine

Lisa Ryder's gifts made their way all the way from New Zealand, wrapped so prettily in polk a dots and paint chips!


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Day Eight

These goodies had a long travel across the pond from the home of Fiona Mortimore in Australia. Goodness from afar!


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Day Seven

Day 7's sweet goodies come from Alberta, Canada from Dawn Supina. The tiny cards are adorable!


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Day Six

OOO! What a lovely fan Ruth O'Connor's gifts make! We can't wait to see what she sent from New Zealand!


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Day Five


If this isn't a picture of holiday goodness, I don't know what is! Arlene Travnik of Alberta, Canada decked the halls with her festive gifts.


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Day Four


Who wouldn't want to fund one of these cheerful packages in your post box? They were wrapped with love by Jeannine Peragrine from Virginia.


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Day Three


I bet good things come in small packages. These delightful little boxes came from Texas, from Amy Huff.


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Day Two


Day two comes reagally wrapped in gold from the hands of Penelope Harris from British Columbia, Canada . I wonder what treasure it holds?


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