Lucky #13...

...and finally, Lelainia Lloyd's gift, which was the one that was opened by the ladies when everyone else was opening their gift.

Lelainia sent a package of inspiration. It included a 12 Days of Xmas mixed CD to get everyone into the holiday spirit, a secret holiday recipe, to munch on in the studio while working and a special package of ephemera included to start the new year off right.

Lelainia made each of the ladies a hand painted wishing star ornie to hang on their trees or in their studio to bring them luck and inspiration for the new year, each one bearing the first initial of each participants' name.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Ruth O'Connor for providing the photos of our gifts each day. Ruth, you did a fantastic job and it was *so* appreciated.

Also thanks to Lisa Ryder for filling in in a pinch one day.



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Lelainia, thank you so much for everything you do to make this swap special. It is my very favorite swap of the year and I look forward to it so much! Thank you for the great package of inspiration for the holidays and new year. I love everything! Thank you and thank you again. You are a perfect hostess and deserve lots and lots of good things to come your way for the joy you give us all. Hope you have a wonderful start to the new year!
  At 1:37 p.m. Blogger Veleta said:
everyones items are so cool! How fun of a exchange!
Veleta (sammy)
  At 6:50 p.m. Anonymous Tom said:
Sounds fun. Do the gifts follow a particular theme for each day? Is the theme different every year?
They do something similar at the woodburner site but theirs isn't Christmas, just small wooden squares "quilt squares" with images burned onto them, whatever the artist wants to draw/burn and send.
No Tom, there is no set theme. In fact, I encourage my friends to make things that aren't necessarily Xmas themed as that way their gifts can be enjoyed all year round.