On the Fifth day of Xmas...


...Arlene Travnik created these lovely multi-layered fabric wallets for each of us. Each layer is just delicious. There is hand tatted lace, snippets of paper, old postage stamps, buttons, charms a vintage images all of captured beneath a thin gauzy layer of fabric.

Inside, are 4 pockets the perfect size for credit cards and then the long pocket for paper money. Each wallet is slightly different, all of them are beautiful and intricate. Every time you turn it over, you see some new detail you didn't notice before. Amazing!

On to day 6 tomorrow! Come see what treasure is revealed.

*Photo courtesy of Ruth O'Connor


posted by Lelainia N. Lloyd at 6:11 a.m., |


What a beautiful wallet, Arlene!! I love that it is so intricate and lovely but also that it is practical--I'm going to love using it and enjoying it every day. Thanks for adding a touch of beauty and art into my daily life. I love it!