On the Second Day of Xmas...


...Penelope Harris gifted everyone with precious and wee alchemy books. The cover is made from salvaged upholstery swatches and decorated with fabric tacks. The spine is tied with gold cording.

Inside are gold pocket pages with a set of 18 alchemy cards, each one a delightful piece of art in itself. I am sure each of us is busy pouring over the interesting details of each and every card.
Very cool indeed!

Drop by tomorrow for gift #3!

*Photos courtesy of Ruth O'Connor.


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  At 5:26 p.m. Blogger arlene said:
Oh, so pretty! Kudos to Penelope for turning paper into gold!
Oh, thank you, Penelope! I LOVE my beautiful book--every little detail is so beautiful and perfect. It couldn't be more precious. All of the love and attention you put into it really shows. Thank you so much for such a special gift!