Hostess Gifts

No one was as surprised as I was when I discovered a couple of extra gifts had arrived with two of my 12 Days gifts. The first was this glitzy little doll, from Tricia Anders. She's now hanging just above my desk so I can glance up and see her delightful little self. Every girl needs a little "glamma" in her life. I love her folky face too. Thank you Tricia!

The second was from Barbara Atwell. She always wraps thing so elegantly, that I almost hate to unwrap them. Almost!

Inside were these pretty eco-printed notebooks.
I thought it was pretty funny how well she knows me-my gift this year to everyone was a trio of small notebooks packaged in a personalized jersey drawstring bag. Clearly, great minds think alike! I look forward to using them. Thank you Barbara!

Truth be told, it's an embarrassment of riches, both in terms of gifts and friendships. I feel quite spoiled and while it really wasn't necessary, I am grateful.

So...that wraps up this year's exchange. The blog will go quiet once again until next fall when we begin 2011's exchange.
I wish you dear reader, the happiest of new years and hope that you've enjoyed watching our brand of magic unfold.

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Redux: On the 10th Day of Xmas...

...Barbara Atwell gifted each of us with a gorgeous linen and cotton pincushion. Each one had a fabric covered button or two attached as well. (She made these as well!)

The reason this is being posted in the New Year is that this little gem got caught up in the holiday rush and the posties just managed to put it into my hands this afternoon. Ah well...a gift is always welcome, no matter when it arrives. Thanks Barbara for patiently waiting for your gift to be shared here.

Be sure and pop back here tomorrow for the final wrap up of our 2010 exchange. I have a couple lovely hostess gifts I'd like to share with you.

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Magic #13

And last, but certainly not least, Penelope Harris used a newfound skill to create these amazing plaster plaques for each of us. This was the gift each of us opened on the day when everyone else was opening our gift. Thanks Penn for being our Magic #13!

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On the 12th Day of Xmas...

A trio of handmade mini journals, housed in a personalized jersey drawstring bag and neatly bound in an embellished band came from paper princess, Lelainia Lloyd.

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On the 11th Day of Xmas...

Tina Abbott used her encaustic and photographic talents to create these nature themed canvasses for each of us. She captured a wonderful sense of the Pacific Northwest.

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On the 10th Day of Xmas...

....I am haunting the post office! The 10th day will have to remain a secret until the elves deliver...the reindeer are runnin' behind! No matter-gifts are ALWAYS welcome, whenever they arrive!

Check in tomorrow, as we carry on with Day 11!

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On the 9th Day of Xmas...

Rose Momsen designed and quilted these wonderful pictoral wall hangings for each of us. There's a lovely poem on the reverse about the summer and winter hills. Inspiring!

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On the 8th Day of Xmas...

What girl doesn't love a beautiful and unique handbag? (Buttons!!) This creative accessory was made by Deb Trotter. Deb says each one is different, so I am hoping the other ladies will share photos of theirs on their blogs.

Here's a close up of the photo panel on the one I (Lelainia) received. Good to know Canada is known for its great moose! *giggles*

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