On the Fourth Day of Xmas...


...Jeannine Peragrine sent out a whole neighbourhood of beautifully handcrafted houses. Each one is lovingly textured, hand painted and embellished according to each artist's favourite things.

The house shown here was gifted to Ruth. It's a lovely burgundy and was embellished with scrabble tiles, rub-on curly cues and a bingo chip.

Mine (Lelainia's) is vintage aqua, to match the colour of my studio and reads "In each new day before me some new beauty lies." Isn't that just precious? My house is embellished with a rusted skeleton key, an old wooden spool and a bingo chip and has an interesting texture to it.
These will be treasured!

Stop by tomorrow for more fun on day 5!
*Photos thanks to Ruth O'Connor


posted by Lelainia N. Lloyd at 7:00 a.m., |


I love my house! Thank you, Jeannine! It is so special and I really have a thing for houses lately, although it is a motif I've never really used in my own work, I'm really drawn to it in other's. The old pencil is such a fun embellishment. I keep touching it wondering what little boy or girl practiced their letters with it. Thank you so much! Oh, and the velcro was such a clever idea!