On the Seventh Day of Xmas...

...Dawn Supina altered men's ties to create these little pouches and embellished them with beaded trim.

What was inside???

Little cards of encouragement! There was one giving each artist the permission to play, to dabble in whatever artistic pursuit she sees fit and to enjoy the process. There was another granting permission to make mistakes, either real or perceived and not dwell on it, but rather to enjoy the art process. There were also some award cards, for an added ego boost.

This is a great bundle of encouragement and I bet each of us will come to a place in the next year when we will need it and it will be right there, waiting for us. What a creative and unique gift!

See you tomorrow for day 8!

*Photos courtesy of Lisa Ryder


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Thanks, Dawn, for the fun and creative gift! Love that you recycled, too!!