On the FIFTH Day of Xmas....


Group 1: Opening gift number 5 revealed this gorgeous pendant from Kristen. It's beautifully crafted with a teeny bird and the words "fly".
Group 2: The ladies in this group opened their fifth gift to discover this beautifully rich with red collage entitled "Moments". This beauty is the work of Fiona.
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Kristen, THANK YOU so much for your beuatiful pendant. I am a HUGE fan of your jewellery-I love your work and I will be so proud to wear it! (I am going to an ATC swap today and will make sure I have it on, along with my earrings!

Fiona, your collage is so beautiful! I am a huge fan of reds and yours are to die for!!
  At 8:19 a.m. Blogger Crystal said:
Kristen this little beauty was such a treat to open! I love it so much and was so ecstatic when I opened it I threw it on over my pajamas! Pictures don't do any of these lovely works justice, as beautiful as they all are on the blog they are each a delight to all the senses and to hold them in your hands is such a priveledge!!
Kristen, I've been looking longingly at your work in your Etsy store for some time now. And now I can't believe I'm lucky enough to have one of your pieces. The bird and "fly" are truly one of my favorite symbols. Thank you so, so much! Love, Shari
  At 4:40 a.m. Blogger liz said:
kristen...i absolutely ADORE my necklace!! thank you SO much...it is SO beautiful!!! i am REALLY into birds at the moment, so when i saw it i couldn't believe it!! i will treasure it always.
tahnk you again
liz xx
  At 4:41 a.m. Blogger liz said:
fiona--your collage for group 2 is SO yummy!! i love the rich colors--just beautiful!!
liz xx
  At 11:31 a.m. Anonymous Anonymous said:
the little pendant you made is just darling, i love it and can't wait to wear it!