On the FOURTH Day of Xmas...


Group 1: This darling little notebook is Deb's gift for day four. Absolutely adorable and perfect for tucking in our purses so we can jot things down!

Group 2:
Received a beautiful little felt pocket with a silk image sewn on the front from Trudy. Trudy also included a few suggestions for uses for the pocket:
A pocket to put a notebook and pen into to remember things to do, needle and scissors to stitch up a deal, old love letters for your eyes only, name cards to give to your friends
a magnifying glass to make things clear and so on.
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THANK YOU Deb for this sweet notebook! I am going to use it for something special. I am so pleased-I love little books!

Trudy, your pocket is so clever and pretty! Well done!
  At 3:09 p.m. Blogger liz said:
deb.. i LOVE my notebook!! it is JUST the right size to go in my purse--and the little girl looks SO much like me when i was small!! it is just so beautiful--thank you SO much!!

trudy..your little pocket is amazing--i LOVE the image..and the suggestions you gave the girls in group 2 for its purpose!! i know they will all traesure their gifts.
liz xx
Oh Trudy your little pocket is so sweet and cleverly done and I love all the wonderful suggestions on how to use it!!! it's amazing!!! thanks so much!! I am thinking a small notebook or a little pad to jot down notes etc!! and the notebook Deb is adorable as well aren't we so lucky!!! thanks!!
  At 8:57 p.m. Blogger Crystal said:
Deb I was so tickled when I opened this tonight!

I traveled today and had a brain storm and had to write all my ideas on the back of an envelope, but no more! I will have this beautiful and inspiring little notebook handy in my purse now.

I just love the picture you chose for mine of the vendors selling there wares from the little hand cart. It is so me! and even more so because of the antique tintype look to it!

Deb, Thank you so much for this little book! As I mentioned to you in my email, I've already designated it for a special purpose. I treasure it. Love, Shari
  At 11:29 a.m. Anonymous Anonymous said:
thank you so much for the beautiful little notebook; it's going right in my purse and it's my new 'art ideas' carry-along.