On the EIGHTH Day of Xmas...


Group 1: This starry little package was opened to reveal this richly altered CD ornament from Liz. The bird theme is wonderful!

Group 2: It's always nice to get a little cash for the holidays and Group 2 got it in the form of art money from Hanne!

*In the January/February 2005 issue of Somerset Magazine, Hanne wrote an article describing a currency being used in the Art world called ART-MONEY. It provides artists with a means for creating their own currency to purchase goods and services among other participating artists. It's backed by a Bank called Bank of International Art Money, BIAM for short. To learn more, please visit www.art-money.org
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Liz, your ornament is beautiful and I love the swallow. Thank you! For now it will be nestled in my tree!

Hanne, your art money is a really cool gift. I have long admired this particular work of yours-your composition is so incredible. I have gift envy now! LOL!
Liz, Thank you so much for the beautiful little plaque! Birds are a favorite of mine. You've layered and embellished so richly... And the back is just as beautiful as the front! It will hang in my studio and inspire me all year long. Thank you!! Hugs, Shari
  At 6:53 a.m. Blogger Deb said:
Oh Liz! What a wonderful little piece of art! Birds are a favorite of mine, too :D I have already hung it on my desk lamp in the studio. Thank you SO much!! Deb
  At 9:05 p.m. Blogger Crystal said:
Liz I am in awe of the way you collaged this! I love the vintage papers and the skill you obviously have in the compostion! I feel so lucky to have this in my collection!