On the SEVENTH Day of Xmas...


Group 1: Penelope's gift for the seventh day was this really cool art necklace. The small square folds out to reveal 16 artful images in blues and yellows. Very original!

Group 2: The seventh gift for group 2 was a collection of goodies from Erika that included a lovely soldered collage necklace, a set of 3 glass magnet collages, and an assortment of wonderful little ephemera pieces. There were wrapped presents within the present!
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Penn, this necklace came out beautifully and I really like th ebeads on the cover-that was genius! THANK YOU!!

Erika, you really had a great idea in creating a collection of things for your gift! I am sure th ladies are going to love it!
Penelope, oh my gosh, do you have a doctorate in measuring? This is just a work of art! The outside is gorgeous all by itself, and then your treasure opens to reveal the most complicated delight I've seen in a long time. I can tell you must have spent hours cutting and folding... and each little square is so wonderful and unique. Thank you! Shari
  At 7:25 a.m. Blogger Deb said:
Penn - This is just amazing! So intricate and unique... I have it hanging on my little art tree in the kitchen. Thank you SOOOO much!! Deb
  At 11:32 a.m. Anonymous Anonymous said:
i love my little art book necklace, so unique! now i have to decide where i will hang it :-)
thank you!!
  At 2:04 p.m. Anonymous Anonymous said:
Penelope this is absolutely incredible I am blown away by the uniqueness, the beauty and the colors. Thanks so much!
Oh Erika thanks so much for the wonderful necklace and the fun magnets and also the ephemera!! I love to use all kinds of fun paper and look forward to showing off and wearing my necklace tomorrow to work!!! thanks so much!!!!!
hugs Linda
  At 5:33 a.m. Blogger Crystal said:
This little booklace is incredible! It is a work of art within a work of art and I can wear it and show it off! Thank-you!!!