The Final 2 Gifts of 2007

Penelope Harris was responsible for gift #13 for group 1 and she created these wonderful fabric books for each of the ladies. The books were made from swatches from fabric sample books.

Each page is something special-acetone transfers, hand embroidery, a poem she wrote.

Rubber stamping, little pockets...

The theme of the book was nature and was just so thoughtful and tactile.

And last, but not least, I (Lelainia Lloyd) was gift #13 for group 2. I created this folky house ornie for each of the ladies to keep in their studios to remind them that being an artist has its ebbs and flows and that they should be gentle with themselves when experiencing this. The rules of being an artist is a quote, though unfortunately, I don't know the source. I hope it serves as inspiration for the coming year.

And that folks, is a wrap! THANK YOU to each and every artist for pouring your heart and soul into this exchange. You have outdone yourselves with you generosity and creativity and it was a pleasure hosting. It's been wonderfully rewarding to see my friends connecting and appreciating one another's talents, which is precisely why I do it.

THANK YOU to Caren, Ruth, Jennifer and Kelly for helping out with photos. Much appreciated!

And THANK YOU to all of you out there in cyberland for coming along for the ride. We hope you enjoyed our brand of holiday magic. Please visit our Valentine Blog in mid-January as we prepare to celebrate Valentine's Day. See you there!!

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