On the 4th day of Xmas...


Melissa David made this cool artsy pendant for the ladies of group 1. It was fashioned from copper and metal bits and pieces, malachite beads and features a polymer clay face. It hangs from a beautiful copper chain.

Kathy Strittmater created this pretty ATC from vintage text and handmade the beautiful polymer clay heart in the center for the ladies of group 2.

She also crafted this stand for it, using a piece of vintage sliverware. I love how the tines were manipulated to form a heart. Very creative!!

Every day is another wonderful discovery of just how talented and creative these artists are. Back tomorrow with more gifts!

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  At 1:22 PM Anonymous Jennifer Rowland said:
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fork and ATC... Oh please tell us.... How did you make the fork easel?? I've played with silverware and haven't had much luck...unless I'm stuffing food in my face... ha ha ha...