On the 10th Day of Xmas...

Caren McNee created a beautiful handmade ornament for each of the ladies in group 1. She hand crochet little bags to hold each of them.

Inside was this amazing handpainted, folded ornie that tells the story of her life and love of South Africa. (She now lives in NZ.)

On the back it says "Come and share my world... nature, home, friends and dreams of Africa".
It can be displayed freestanding or hung from the ribbon.

Liz Smith created this wee chunky note books for the ladies in group 2.

Inside are all kinds of fun elements-tags with buttons,

old bits of sewing ephemera,

and old playing cards...I imagine Liz did each one to suit the lucky lady receiving it. Since I am a sewing ephemera junkie, that's what's decorating mine. It's just so lovely!

Two days and 6 gifts left to share!

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