On the 6th Day of Xmas...

Linda Koch created this little altered paper bag for the ladies in group 1. It has a sweet little collage on it and red and green jingle bells dangling from the handle. Inside are some vintage book pages.

Pilar Pollock made this amazing articulated doll for the ladies in group 2. It has an Edward Gory feel to it and she has built up beautiful layers of paint, paper and stamping for her dress. This is incredibly fun and unique!

Day 7 arrives tomorrow. See you then!

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posted by Lelainia N. Lloyd at 6:21 a.m., |


What an amazing work of art. YOU are amazing! I cannot even wrap my mind around what you've done to creat this doll. And the other wonderful creations here..what a treasure trove of gifts...hand crafted, and heart-crafted...TRUE gifts indeed. Thank you so much for sharing...it warms my heart and a smile blooms for me. Thank you! Happiest of holidays...and every days to you!