On the 11th Day of Xmas...


Erika Tysse created beautiful personalized stationary sets for each of the ladies in group 1.

Each lady had their monogram on their stationary, which Erika did by gocco printing and hand stamping, making them all wonderfully unique. What a treat!

Deb Trotter created these wonderful circle books for the girls in group 2. She researched everyone of the ladies and created a piece of art, along with a poem depicting each artist.

Deb then colour copied each of the pages to make one for each artist, giving them the original of their page in their own book.

This is the original page Deb made for me. She just did a ton of work and this will be such a sweet keepsake of this year's exchange.

*To see all the pages in Deb's book, please visit her blog. The link is on the right.

One more day and 4 gifts left!!

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