Laura's Friendship Tag Book

1. Using White Matte Coated Paper from the The Paper Cut and Ranger Alcohol Inks, prepare background papers by using the plaid technique. Use 3 colors of ink that you think will go well together. Squirt them in various patterns on the applicator. Move applicator down paper in a horizontal fashion, and then turn paper around and do the same in vertical fashion to achieve plaid look.

2. Gather together vintage pictures (made smaller than normal size) and old book pages and sheet music. Cut out pictures of girls/women. Glue tags onto paper and cut to make front of tag and then old books pages/sheet music to make back of tag. Apply vintage pictures and use really cute stamps from Red Lead in St. Louis for word phrases.

3. Serendipity leads to ribbons by May Arts that just go perfectly!!!

4. Put together and feel happy!
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Wow!That sounds really nice...Will try it out..